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Contest 3.0: Say Out Loud! [live]

India celebrates Republic Day on January 26th, which commemorates the day India became a republic. It is a national holiday, and the day is celebrated across the country with pride. The military parade in New Delhi, the nation’s capital, is the most exciting event of the day, demonstrating the country’s military capability and unique cultural legacy.

So, on this momentous occasion, we at StoryBaazIndia are hosting a speech contest for all of our countrymen, in which you may win a unique Shabdantim gift hamper and be published on our website. Those who were unable to participate previously now have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their writing and oratory abilities. So, what do you have to lose? Send in your entries as quickly as possible; it’s free and you might win great rewards.

To participate: Do follow the rules mentioned below-

1. Follow us on our social media pages and subscribe to us on YouTube.
2. Share this post on any of your social media accounts and tag us!
3. Record a video of your speech (max. 3-4 minutes) by choosing any one topic out of the 7 choices given below or you can choose your own topic with your introduction’ (Name, Age, City, etc.) and to send your entries click the WhatsApp icon below:

WhatsApp at 8299425568

Need some ideas?

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions(not mandatory, you can choose your own) for topics on which you can prepare and record your speech.

  1. Our struggle for independence: The nonviolent nature of India’s freedom movement has inspired many people all around the world and continues to do so even today. A discourse on the subject of struggle is always timely. One might also speak on the long road to freedom, emphasizing the need of not taking it for granted.
  2. Our constitution: Our constitution is the instrument that governs our country, and everyone should be well-versed in it. It would be informative and entertaining to give a speech that mentions this important document and elaborates on some key points. There are even parallels to be seen between our constitution and the constitutions of other countries.
  3. The forefathers of our country: Our forefathers were learned and brave men who battled for our country’s independence and should serve as an example to our leaders today. A speech on any of them would be a homage to their contribution to the nation’s development. One can discuss their lives, acts, philosophy, and how they impacted our country.
  4. How do Indian laws differ from those in other countries: The laws of a country reflect its principles. A speech outlining how our laws differ from those of other nations and what this says about us is both informative and distinctive. Depending on how lengthy a speech we have to give, we can choose one or several laws.
  5. The symbolism of our national flag: Our tri-color flag was thoughtfully crafted, with each colour and symbol meaning something. It would be simple to research and deliver a speech on this topic.
  6. Our country’s achievements since independence: Since independence, our country has made significant progress in science, technology, art, and development. A speech on any of the ways it has grown will undoubtedly make the audience proud.
  7. The country’s current heroes: Heroes can be discovered not only in the past but also in the present. People need to be reminded of this, and a speech about someone inspirational who does something great in the service of the country is just what they need. Look for someone who is doing good work in any profession or someone who has served in the military and share their story in an inspiring speech.

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